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Running From The Painful

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Written and recorded by Terry McClain February 2013 for the RPM Challenge


Did I ever tell you that you had beautiful eyes
When you were running from a stranger
I knew I could show you if you just gave me the time
To be loving and grateful
I was your security taking care of love left behind
Bet you wondered where he went to
I wonder if you see me when I follow you all around

While you are running from the painful
running the pain you've held all your life

When I was on the phone with you and I just hung up
I had to tell you to your face first
If you only knew me, surely you would think about
Knowing my mistakes were
Watching so intently, keeping out of sight for so long
Knowing what the stakes were
I remember when you saw me, then you just turned around
You just looked the other way, never noticed me while you were...where are we now