1. Cheap

From the recording The Realside - Rock Paper Magic

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Written and recorded by Terry McClain February 2013 for the RPM Challenge


Money's got a hold on me, I can't get no relief
The booze doesn't come for free, more like a painful fee
When, Lord, did I get so cheap
You can't get me out at night, The gas price got me tight
My tv is black and white, I'd say I'm doin fine
My Lord I just want what's mine
Sister's comin home again, she runnin out of friends
I'm only home weekends, I get home and money leaves
When, Lord, did I get so cheap

See, money
and make sure there's more for me
When, Lord, did I get so cheap

Say, money here in the dark where you don't go buy your own
Said it was a long day...money...money