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Aliens In My Head

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Written and recorded by Terry McClain February 2013 for the RPM Challenge


There's an alien frequency beaming in my head
I've a recent bout of consistency and I must tell you
Often I am not here, I am somewhere else
Drifting along some bizarre horizon, zipped up in an eggshell suitcase
They bring me back long enough to know I am me, for a moment
I can live as others see the world, but then it changes
I am whisked away, like a dream I cannot wake from
For years and decades it seems tied up in this prison
They feed me things and experiment on my brain
Probably why I wake in bandages sometimes
The doctors all think I am crazy but I think they work for THEM
I was asleep one night and the whole place just shot into the air
Alarms were going off and patients started screaming and I could
See through the barred windows what looked like outer space
Galaxies twirling around and solar tentacles reaching into my cell
They wrapped me up in their blanket and took me to this new place
I have never returned from. But you are here.