1. Touched

From the recording Let

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In the middle of the road today, I was stopping at nowhere as I thought of how I let you go/ And it didn't really matter to me, I was only broken for a time, somehow we just move on
Maybe it was a shadow of a doubt you showed me the reason you were the sun that cast it out to me
It happens when I'm sitting alone or talking on the phone to no one, so what, I let it slide/ A silly little pattern reveals its ugly head in place of mine, a fond trick I know/ Maybe it was something in the air I breathed to remember the smell of her perfume everywhere and see/

How can I be so distant when you're here in my heart and touched by me/ And how could we get away from ourselves and be torn apart from who we should be

I didn't want to bury the past and I don't want it back so I give up, Too long I've made mistakes you know/ And as a victor of shattered dreams, I'll find the courage and let her go after I see her smile