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Making Promises

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Terry McClain: Writing, recording, vocals, guitars, bass, drums & keys


I'm in a little bit of fright for love with so many
Abandoned people wandering off
Just a little bit of blindness cause
My sense of retribution got me dreaming it up
I'm a little old fashioned style with
One hand on her shoulder and one in the clouds
Even if it's a romantic bluff, you never see me lonely
cause I think she's enough

So whatever you do, I'm done with making promises, this I know
This one's enough

All the people in their training wheels looking for directions
just to learn how to steal / If I could just give some speedy advice,
You only need to hold her and treat her nice
It's a battleground for finding love, with the best not wearing
armor cause they know it's too much
Give too much and then give some more and finally you'll get back
What you've been looking for

Make the most of what you cannot hide
She must know she is the perfect goal, the only never ending, the one you never have to
promise again