1. Love's Waited

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Love's Waited

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Terry McClain: Recording, Drums, bass, guitars, keys & all vocals. Recorded at DB Studio and 1841 Studio Summer 2012. All songs written by Terry McClain.


Can we make our will to always be together
We can make it happen, whatever we say
It can take forever and even a day
Don't try to sever everything thing you've known
Whatever you say goes

Love's waited so long for you to know me
Years wasted alone far from you
Love's waited so long for you to know me
Here's where the line draws, thought you should know

So we'll make it better if only for ourselves
As we dive into each other and make the moments last
I can play all over your rules and world
Get you trying to stay forever
If you really want to stay, you really know how to show
Whatever you say goes