1. The Motel

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The Motel

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Terry McClain: Writer, guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocals, recording/mixing


Here in rooms where brave men shine
Out of the darkness within their minds
Things won't get better in time
Cause you'll have to get through in your own way
Rings of subtle candlelight
Howling wolves near their campfires
This is a story you wouldn't like
I can tell it to you all over again
You'll only be back for good

Could be you didn't think to know the wild ride set in store for you
Should see the way that I felt as she laid in my arms
Don't speak, I don't mind wating in line for you
Don't sleep, now I don't mind waiting in line

Racing around dim corridors, hearing her echoes cover the floors
So long as the pain isn't yours, you can get to her all over again
Though all the dust of ages pined for her to bring us back to life
We were the first to arrive and never got out of the rooms again
Never got back to her