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Innocent Memories

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Terry McClain: Recording, Drums, bass, guitars, keys & all vocals. Recorded at DB Studio and 1841 Studio Summer 2012. All songs written by Terry McClain.


Up on the street in these houses we lived
With divine immaturity given
As the stone skips back through the water
I wonder where she's gone
Into the crowds of all wandering souls
Unaware of shades of the world
Here we are stained til golden
Decades from the past

I'd reach you but I'd rather let you slip away
Do not decide to even think of me again
I'm glad my memory went random and allowed me to be
Hushed by the sound of our laughter again

No lust or fear of growing old
Just a girl from an annual
Pictured by a harmless boy
Then sent to be her doll
I never knew that girl of mine
We never spoke of why we never said goodbye
All along those days have gone too fast
For you to still be in my mind

Innocent memories are all I have left of what she meant to me
Seeing you in my dreams, I never go to sleep
Still awake I yearn for love