1. Control

From the recording Let

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Terry McClain: Recording, Drums, bass, guitars, keys & all vocals. Recorded at DB Studio and 1841 Studio Summer 2012.


I want to tell you all about everything
I want your ears to ring out loud
To warn you of the things so dear to me
I thought I could do without
I felt you closing in and with your easy stare
I wondered what was standing there
Now I know control, it holds me in the fear
That I can't live without you here

You know it's a lot like saving the words
For whenever I met/see you

I guess you need to know I have no regrets
I haven't even started yet
To get you out of line and make you use your time
And live your life just having fun
I watched you wave goodbye, I'll hold you when you cry
I never need to lie to you
But as years go by you'll always wonder why
These strict binds were no good for you