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From the recording Random Purges & Movements

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All by T.McClain


17 cents

One for the ripples of water that start the sequence, then the second one bounces
in / Dreaming of universal energies that power the trinity
For only men are we, pleading the fifth until we see into the future
Six pour into the frenzied undulation of seven chakras
We ate ourself silly with the promise of taking it to the nines
Tenderly joking and laughing that fate may not be so casual and prompt
Eleven, twelve, thirteen, they go...copper filling the bottom of the glistening pool
Below, Fortune and fantasy mingling with fifteen charms in the wishful cauldron
Sixteen bounces in to the pyramid of coins now spilling over into the drain
As the custodians rinse all my shining karma into a plastic bucket
Now with a fresh outlook on clear ground, I start over...at seventeen.