1. Out There

From the recording Random Purges & Movements

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Out There

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All by Terry McClain (c)2010


Out There

I'm stuck in a road, man down in Ohio
We've got what we own, much less could be so wrong
But I've got a gift to someone that is simple or dull
When you're out there, you get back on your own but you're out there

Got a name for a freak, one that had a good week
She just says she's unique, got a lucky winning streak
With more money than hours, she bought a face like a queen
She's still out there, with it hid underneath but still out there

When you're fairly neutral, it feels if you're on your own
Making desparity useful is just part of the show you put out there

Location unknown, can't connect to everyone
Possibly overblown populist mania
But I've met good ones and bad ones, and to each their own
Some are out there and they're making it known to get out there