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Just Like Old Times

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(c)2010 Terry McClain
All instruments, vocals and production by Terry McClain
Co written with Roger Paul Mason


Just Like Old Times - Lyrics by T.McClain

Remember when I saw you at our favorite little place
You were like the only one I never could amaze
And now some time has gone and we are still the same
All my efforts causing you to smile and go insane
Been a long time, such a good time, know I can't lie
Inside I just wondered why I only feel it's just like old times
Walking through the carnival, the rides no longer painted
Stepping to the edge of all the coasters we had braved
And the moles I struck to win those fuzzy things
Stealing the advantage by playing a little kid
Been a long time...
At the right place, with the right one and the right way I can
read your pretty mind, Every new day, whenever we play, all the
things we say make me wonder do you ever feel it's just like old times?
Do you ever feel it's just like when we were here?
I'll go anywhere you want to go, We're not close to strangers anymore
I can reach into the soft caress of endlessness
For the patience I endured to give to you the best
I needed to tell you this so you would know that I could rest