1. Ordinary Day

From the recording Random Purges & Movements

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Ordinary Day

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(c)2010 Terry McClain
All instruments, vocals and production by Terry McClain


Ordinary Day

I got up not so nice and easy
But I was safe, got a bit to make me think
This is some kinda life I got it easy
Although tomorrow wants to punch me into yesterday
There's some advice out there if you need it
I will contemplate emergencies and interstates
I will think of this as just an ordinary day
I will try to wake you up but I can't help you on my own
I can't do what others can but I can make you think I can
Places, rages, pauses, phases, courage wasted, can't replace
with violent pages, premeditated and ill fated
What will become of what we are
As I run through the land that was never mine
I reach out to those hurt inside and see the powers
Multiply, indentities simplified, born again and dead to pride
Humanity is lost without the betterment of each itself
I don't have to breathe today, but I am anyway (thank you anyway)