1. Wasted Blues
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Wasted Blues

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Wasted Blues
If I ever knew what to say to make it better, I'd be the right one for you
If I ever knew how to keep you happy, you'd be the right one too
Looks like I only found a new, waiting lull, one I couldn't see
Wasted on the ground
If the reasons you stayed was you loved me, I am sorry I was cruel
But if you only played along to hurt me, That's one thing I could not do
I guess that I'll find myself a new way to love, drink to not feel
While I'm wasted on the ground, wasted I am now
Just tell me that I'm dreaming and you'll stop me
From the pain I caused in you/ Let's change our wicked ways and start over
Wipe away the blues/ But the only thing you left me with is to thank you for the bottle