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Are We Really Men

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Are We Really Men
Sent a mission over, There's a war for your your mind but you're strong
They can't help you if you're wrong and you can't stand being sane.
What's a life with a secret? When to God you're a child, you know it's hard
They can tell you that it's not, they can tempt you too
In the middle of hell is where you stand when you're just feeding demand
Are we really here, are we really men? In the grandest of schemes, is there
Anyone who can believe in this crap? Are we really here/men?
In the wild of the future, crave a glimpse of the sun because it's hot
They can tell you that it's not, anything for you. But I'm betting that the
Fantasy is only over when you want it to be, you're a rock, made it
trudging through their blood, made it on your knees