1. I'm A Jacket
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I'm A Jacket

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I'm A Jacket
Won't you take some time with me, I've not figured out where we had crossed our separate lines
I made it all too easy and I am most at fault, ironically, I've hung myself dry
So don't wear me out, I'm not your coat
You put me on just where that's good
Don't make me drop, I'm not some sheet
Still you can/can't wrap yourself around me
Hanging out, I want to pull myself down
I've been better when my feet are on the ground
When the hangers hook the bar, I make sure I'm flat enough
They can't see me on my way out
Go ahead lie to them, as long as we're being men
Why don't you go out and steal? Do it again and
When time gives you your day and you only feel afraid
Was it worth the years you looked away?