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Perfect Agony - Guiltless Cult

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Perfect Agony
Can you show me the way to a better life?
Where's this answer you keep going on about? You like to hold a beggar's cup.
And you want me to feel like you don't have any
All that weight and you won't kneel in perfect agony
Could you warn me again when you snap back a flailing tongue
So we don't have to talk any longer, no no no, Why doubt the setting sun?
Just to make me feel like you don't have any
There's no way that you will heal in perfect agony
I'm on a roll when I can always lighten up
Existence binds me to always fight you with love
I'll sit here quietly until you're relieved or you're done
Laughing and politely waving from the distance as you walk away
And in a way you want me to be acting like I don't have any
But such is the way of human beings and perfect agony, agony, agony...