From the recording Reason Predicts Malevolence

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The Maid & The Bride - The Realside

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Is there anyone else around?
It is hard to see. I've been much too busy working to get around the scene. I know you;ve been there Got a long list of things to do, no time feeling lonely, You don't miss him there, you were on to me, much too kind / Old habits are hard to break unless it is your only, one more taken

Love only takes good care of us if you are shiny and new
Lovers aware of each other are expecting all this of you gonna take good care
This is the age of innocence gone to rage

Don't look for a way for me to change, I've finally found everything I want is the same
Some waste no real time investigating the truest of love
Other times we find what is never enough

No love is ever easy, no love is ever enough

Expect of it what you will
Big shoes are so hard to fill
And then one day they move in for the kill
And then they were married
Years go by and change but everything you love is the same beautiful to feel life that way
Like a king in an eternal day
Don't ever give them up