1. Imagination

From the recording Credite Posteri

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Poor spies are listening, to the cries whispering
Less knowledge is a sin for those who care to win
Endless hope is not for dreamers or the dream
After all what made you begin to see
See the world so far not just in your house or your car
Everyone has to know just one way to strike the root

Say hello to the voices in your head, they might be screaming soon
This is the reason you thought left you for dead, no longer pleasing you
Over and over we tried to make you see, you were only hurting
Pay attention and you might get led into a new fascination

Goodness in us all collectivized by wrong
Open up and reclaim your inner song
Victimized by all their vicious lies
This is a mind for (mindful) revolution

Looking back over a seditious pact, some call it treason
As you waited for the next collapse we wanted debated
Recognize if all you do is spout their lies, you help dictate it
Getting back all of the rights we all kept track, follow or lose it

Each new day the less we stay the same, they hear us coming
Simply put we are the hand that grabs the foot for their insertion
Solemn dreams from the men who thought their schemes were all enacted
Ending wars and the mess they all support, free of illusion