1. Hear Me Now

From the recording Code of Ethics

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Hear Me Now

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When it's over and it's done as if fear is next to none, take me
over in my stride- I should wait and then collide with the bait of reckless strife then
get older and more wise- You see me walking tall with a broom I sweep them all from
their feet as halos fly- While I'm waiting in disguise, I take heed of aimless lies- I
keep missing, did you listen? They hear me now, but who feels me? (Feel me, don't
hear me, feel me, feel me)- We should count the ties or be be confused and
paralyzed, people always seem too nice- In their books that they have burned
count the ways to further learn- they will show you so you know you have a place
to come undone- With the ease that you have fun when it's over you'll be older
Blessed are the crowd who give to those without- Be a shoulder, make me proud
And if reason is your king, count the ways you live again- Do it over