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We don't need to even talk about these times of tragedy
often wind up with doubt- The train goes rushing by- You don't hear a sound
You don't know why- Unusual it is for a hurricane to go and smash into New
York leaving God up to blame- The wind goes howling by- You don't feel the
rain to wash the pain- How cruel it is today all these nihilists keep wasting our
time- Their confusion will remain an example for the rest of our lives- For young
minds will show us how- For young minds will show all of us how to get along
How to be strong once in awhile- Where do you go when you're down and out
Is there someone you can call have you been feeling left out- You won't let it
change your mind, you won't scream and shout, you will survive- There you are
and there you go again- You've been so caught up in relief not left feeling the
pain- You're gonna let the kids change your mind, they'll teach us instead to rely