The Dawn of Dark

Along a stretch of wilderness far and wide, lived them all in a village
Men and wives, eyes were blind
We came upon them sitting by a roaring fire in the dead of night
They told us of a tale of travellers finding their way by
They said we shouldn't go or we'd be chased then down the road

Into the dawn of dark (x2)

We sat around for hours listening to other stories told
I could see familiar faces echoing through the fire and smoke
I asked them what it was that came along and had taken their site
It was a band of apparitions riding through the cold, damp night
I said that we should go, but we'd be chased then down the road


And at last I heard the sounds of a crying child
Who came up to me running and holding out his eyes
And at that moment, the quiet explained why they looked surprised
The curse on us remained to forget each time we took their sight
And as if we didn't know, we'd been chasing down the road