1. Siren

From the recording Shadows Until Light

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I'm sorry for saying I'm sorry again
Would you then mind telling me what nature you are controlling me from?
The sea is beckoning to me, she holds out her hands before I can let go
Sweetly she endears me closer to her again

Siren of mine staring at me amidst heavy oceans
Why do I accept or resist the weight of the world? Do I? I do.

Abandoned, every one of us, staring across the blue.
Like I am the only one who can hear you.
Draw me closer and closer, by now I could think of us meeting halfway
Through the undertow, seduce me and draw this poor sailor overboard

Siren of mine...Come back to me, I need to see paradise. I do.

You enchanted the salt in the water, splashed on my lips, craving more.
Diving straight into the current of your resolve, hold me down.

Siren of mine... Send me a kiss of a requiem disguised. Please.