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From the recording Shadows Until Light

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Vox Dementia *

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(c)2010 Terry McClain, (P)2010 Pushy Publishing (ASCAP) / Delvin Shade Publishing (ASCAP)


In the suburbs of superb and serene I dreamed liquid midnight close by a stream
Adrift there I waded in the slick of the sweat, wiped of exaggeration, stuck with a bet
That my imagination was under control by a mysterious invention plugged in a hole
After each memory returned to me in a haze, I reached for the balance to get up from the craze

Seems I'm tethered by the blindness of being/ An anchor for the tired ancients suffering
Nearly faded, forgotten in a dream, earning the wings to sail to the light in me

I'm standing on toes that will never go to the ground/ The places I fall just send me further upside down/ If I hear you call will I stall or will I come around while this subliminal noose it keeps the truth unpronounced

When the rain falls it sounds like footsteps on the tiles in halls/ And I am headed for that wolf call in the howling wind at night