1. Prophet

From the recording Shadows Until Light

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Shoot to the chase only became your fate, hero before the buildings had burned
Saw them too late, loose endings, your mistake/ Maybe your will needs to be known
But what could you say? You saw it happen before in your head.
They shot you down, leaving you to die.

Then they made it all so dumb, confusing everyone. Haaahaaaa.

Drag me, burn me. Anyways you want answers from me, blazed like a cigar, I'm ashen and sold
So talk, then, and listen like an old, wise relative. Show me you care without being a stone.
But call me, predict me, like these old tablets you wrote. Feign my design that leads me to home. Why they made it all so dumb, confusing everyone.

And he knows, he knows it's coming.
He knows it is coming now. How now? Now! It is coming now! It is coming now!