From the recording Shadows Until Light

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(c)2010 Terry McClain/(P)Pushy Publishing (ASCAP)/Delvin Shade Publishing (ASCAP)


You walked in front of me so blind and
recklessly- If only I had known you were my guide- Well I'm wondering how
you were now, cause all I seem to have found is my head towards the ground
that's all around- But the more you know, the more you forget- You can feel the
spirit in the things that I've said- And no one fears (listens to) a word like regret but it's
only a matter of time- Did you eat birthday cake, well life is how you bake it- Set it on
for a long time for a slice- I cut it up once for you, but all you seem to do is eat
it up til I'm through, there's not much to do