From the recording Shadows Until Light

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What A Nice Thought

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Are you waiting for tonight to see what it is I may do
Are you hoping I'm alright knowing what it is I know
That is keeping myself away which is probably the right thing to do
If I didn't ever go where I keep going with you

Pain won't make it any more or less heavenly than it should be
Understated, in my mind, I'm friendly as a friend can be
But I am keeping myself away...

So spend some time with me, I keep thinking you're alone
But far from me, whenever it's convenient for you
One more lie to him and this could be your best deceit
Cause I was always remembering when I saw what nice thought you'd be

It's ok, I've devised a clever little plan, you see
While he's away, rob him blind and we'll split all the money
But I am keeping myself away...