1. Pine Heart
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Terry McClain: Banjo, piano, vocals, percussion
Ashlie Jewel: Bass, vocals
Sammy Baker: Drums
Vicky Kremer: Fiddle

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain and Ashlie Jewel


Not much to expect from me
Fallen branch right off the tree
Hiding where the sun should be all alone
Youth becomes a mystery
Finding your identity
Lessons that are learned from me never come
I cannot expect to be
Ignited as your torch to see

Pine Heart out on a limb again
Wood (wound) stained, sap on the ground
It's never easy, it's easier said than done
Wild fires spread through a field in rain
Bright ash coating the window pane
Hoping never to be burned again

People tell you stories hold
A secret to a fable old
So much we will never know or say
I'll never proclaim I'm wise
A minstrel pained with tiger eyes
The laughter held between your sighs night and day
Lighting up your mother's eyes
Kindly wipe away her cries

A candle for each wick you hold
A thousand ovens for your coal
Don't let anger heat your soul all away
Open up the space within
To catch the sun that grows your rings