1. Shaker Joe
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Lyrics & Music by Terry McClain & Ashlie Jewel

Terry McClain: Banjo, percussion, mellotron, vocals
Ashlie Jewel: Bass, vocals
Sammy Baker: Drums

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain and Ashlie Jewel


Shaker Joe

In his eyes, coffee grounds
Never sleeps and won't shut down
With his feet, they tap in time
And a limerick rhymes

Not much left, he won't ask for more
On his chest the names he adored
When he shipped away, he never let go
Have you heard the tale of Shaker Joe

Letters home from overseas
Pass away your time with me
Pictures of his son and wife
Are what's keeping Shaker Joe alive

One more tour in a sold out war
Caffeine stains on his uniform
Wide awake never on a break
On his final days

Last day comes, a minor plea
a grave mistake happened to be
with a mournful cry and a clumsy guy
the ground it drank his morning crank

Letter home from overseas
He passed away there with me
A locket from such a jovial mind
Goodbye and thanks to his son and wife

Oooh Shaker Joe, I knew Shaker Joe