1. Helpless
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Terry McClain: Vocals, backing vocals, percussion, banjo
Ashlie Jewel: Vocals
Vicky Kremer: Fiddle
Sammy Baker: Drums, Upright Bass

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain, Sammy Baker and Ashlie Jewel



People smile and talk to me and ask me how I am
Lost my mind so easy I turned it into jam
Gonna take a second, I hope I go insane
Now there's nothing holding me back from a feeble brain,
I've been helpless, being selfish, Never gonna be the same again

I drank from heaven's fountain. Woe oh woe is me, i saved a bit for
later in the devil's company, tried to save my soul I just gave it up
for free, now the fire's burning and I'm tied up to this tree, feeling
helpless, like a death wish, never gonna feel no pain again

I kicked out desire, she told me I'm a liar
I ignored all compassion and took 70 lashes
Gone away, gone away for good

There is one more thing that I want to say
before I lose what little left of me you will
I'll bring you to your maker, there's a dead man on his way,
he's in the cloud of sulfur and will kill you just the same

You'll be helpless can't you tell this, tell me how it feels to die today,
never gonna be the same again, helpless,
so helpless, never gonna feel no pain again