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Terry McClain: Lead and background vocals, Banjo, Percussion, guitars
Ashlie Jewel: Vocals
Sammy Baker: Drums, Bass
Vicky Kremer: Fiddle

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain and Ashlie Jewel


Hold your head up baby, the snow falls off your face, i took you to be
my lady, in the frost of winter's cape. There we sleep so soundly and
the whistling wind it blows. Winter Comes, winter knows.

It came on like a freezer, I heard it warning me from the cold, too
much time to please her with an icy grip it chose to bring this heart
and thaw it, then the fire that burned below, winter comes, winter knows

Out in the open in a blizzard she had claim
Whisked me away more weathered in the biggest hurricane
Took me almost forever but I'm still here out in the rain
And spring it has begun

If i can be your heater, and coat your frigid mind, I'll be the one to
never leave her but she'll do it every time. I'll love you like Alaska
in the heaviest of stormy throws, Winter comes, winter knows.