1. Infinity Girl
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Terry McClain: Banjo, guitar, tambourine, shaker, vocals
Ashlie Jewel: Vocals
Sammy Baker: Bass, drums
Vicky Kremer: Fiddle

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain and Ashlie Jewel


Infinity Girl

Time passes, days into weeks
Holding you there under the sheets
Wrapped in a twist of unending bliss
Infinity, she flattered me

Trying so hard to let her go
The edge of all that we never know
Falling away from my own safest place
Infinity, circling free

Infinity Girl x 2, Spin me around your own endless world
All I can see is there's no time for me

Why do we walk on the edge of the knot
Hoping to spare all the things we are not
Skating in place on a new figure 8
Only to find no way out again

All i am she is to me
Spinning through an eternity
Lost my way home, now i fear for my soul
Infinity, she buried me