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Terry McClain: Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Ashlie Jewel: Vocals
Vicky Kremer: Fiddle
Sammy Baker: Drums

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain and Ashlie Jewel


A Book Never Written

Chapter 1 we did it all for fun, Chapter 2 when i gave myself to you, Chapter 3 for the things we couldn't see only dreams of you and me underneath the shooting stars

Chapter 4 we began to ask for more, Chapter 5 met your family that night, Chapter 6 so in love it made us sick, it was moving all too quick, all the while we called it ours

Sometimes we can lose ourselves when we know the end is here/near

There's a unique end to a long forgotten beginning, from a lover to a friend in a book never written, it was nice to at least pretend for the time we'd been given, holding onto you like the paper to the glue

Chapter 7 in the morning making heaven, Chapter 8 was all about myself that day and Chapter 9 so inseparable in time, that we traveled in our minds and the future was up to you

Chapter 10 let the unravel begin, Chapter 11 the illusion started bending and Chapter 12 was losing you was hell but i knew it all too well that you'd only break us right in two