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Guitars, vocals, percussion, keys: Terry McClain
Bass bow & vocals: Ashlie Jewel
Drums, marching snare: Sammy Baker
Fiddle: Vicky Kremer

Mixed by Ricky Martini, Terry McClain, Sammy Baker and Ashlie Jewel


Cannonsburgh Waltz

Gone with the blaze of the Cannonsburgh flame
Old pioneers, the whigs they became
Lytle took his march down the public square
For Colonel Murfree and the lives they could spare
oh how we danced

Smoke from the cedar billowing tall
There in the chapel, the village so small
You took my hand and in the stained glass glow
Led by a jewel and a stones river flow
oh how we danced

Passing the school house with all peers around
Sent then to Leeman to alert those in town
Flames pouring higher than Newton's flag raised
Songs from the choir as they filled him with praise
oh how we danced around

Told of the stories from old Uncle Dave
Echoes in church pews for what could be saved
Off to the creek where the water did wait
Safe from inferno's impending rage
oh how we danced