From the recording Conduit

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Here the waiting's done - The ending is a ploy only to feed nature / Deconstructed from - the tendencies of our might / Tightly wrapped and prime - delivered to the last of the line to make the product to deliver sent to the savage beasts again
Down the track it goes to bring the wisdom, doused in ancient crafts to a new seasoning, brace for fiery gorge and to be given (a place to rest and be forgiven, for what we owe you become)
Supple and refined - The directive is a certainty wheels down, headed to a mass extinction - a will to live a right to feed / Spare no blood for this dilemma- the urgency to sink our teeth in carnal throws, a pantomime of a victim slaughtered whole
The price it rings aloud the final conveyor / bagged and cheaply bound, tender and weighed out
The hand extends forth - the final exchange hands the destiny unified, dripping on a flame, sizzling into a slobbering mouth, by your deeds a meal - by our endless need for flavor of the flesh indeed, the part we play an array of abundance and value....MEAT!!!