From the recording Conduit

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Rough, ready, mind to mind - the pageant comes to a close / My wrecking crew made a plan out of you, hoping to see you exposed / Right where you come from, look behind you facing the door / She was the one you won't see anymore, you are too perfect for me to adore (you didn't see anymore, must've returned to reclaim her reward)
You can make me run away (it makes us all ashamed) your eternal reward (not too safe for you)
You can tell from passersby, they only see with a sword, lipstick covering a canvas frown, I only am pleased when you're down / It's such a big plus when you're a mess and you're really with us, My only mainstay is having you when you're away or nothing
Outside, every time, beauty finds one more mile / You might measure kindness as bright, cutting smiles, it's deeper than you think / Big, big time, you'll be having a big, big time