From the recording Conduit

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The trail is down around the other bend / A distance from the fading light ahead / Beware the line traced from underground there is a path I found complete with poison vines
I've gotten used to it one root at a time / Now that I'm choosing it if it's a better time
Beneath rock and clay, the hidden woods / They are talking to the dead and are the space between heaven and hell / strange place for a root
New branches still unwind and leap from overhead / This is my time to cut them short and stronger / With each design I cut and move forward / With each new climb, the sky gets very red /
Find a place to climb your way out of this, far away, elevate and escape
Right where I learned to choke under a faded oak, right on the ground, its veins so welcoming / It wrapped so patiently around my arms and then I fell asleep to be tricked and laid in mud