From the recording Conduit

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Sundown behind the wooden gates for a reunion at a dusty old saloon / Travelling time and again as if I never got out of an endless loop / I didn't hear draw / It was a vision out of hell and awe / Clanton laid the law / It was the biggest mess I ever saw
Around were voices so distant, all this wailing like gambling devil songs, the pieces arranged so perfect, as if to recreate an outcome that was never done / I snapped and was lethal, I was Gabriel with a mighty sword, I slashed at Judas for Samhain a wager to deny the award
So then, lost in the game, I became unaware and unable to stand, helpless and meek , holding onto a memory so bleak, soothesayer, nowhere are my odds, none fair, when in the midst of all despair, You will not lead me on, I have already won
Out of the belly of a twister, I woke up dazed on the ground somewhere in Arizona state. I wondered if any of that was ever real or was I played like the gunslingers and all their fates, guess I'll be going, I'm alive in a new moon, I guess I'll make it, after all I'm here to tell the tale
After all, you never go prancing around the devil's blind evil ransom and then before you know you never know reality no more