1. Suicide Pact

From the recording Conduit

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When the thorns dig in your bones and motivation is close to nil, There's a place you'll want to go if you've got some time to kill
Stare into the hole that eats you from within, there you will receive a bloody note/ But don't waste time, we got the dibs on the next comet landing / You will know
Don't you feel so down and weak, like your heart's got the only chore / Is it even too hard to speak about the things you care less for / I hope you sign up really quick before there's not much left to lose (more time to waste)/ You've got instructions to begin and no drive to even choose/ I got the list ready to use, the pills that you should take / I'll take a signature on line three and the cash you will need to pay / You'll get there I hope / Cushioned seats for the trail to the next planet
There's still room for more / Come down, get on the ride right now, ready or not this trip is going on