From the recording Conduit

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All rise!
Stare, the empty face, the recessed fist you all taste/ Crowds of benign hordes you were bored at least undead/ The maze lights burn at last in darkness you will reign/ Safe you surely jest, the new blood comes to pass the test
To the sound of trumpets, the elders all await me, I am the new Olympian, magnet of utopia
The balance isn't moving us, a dislocated phobia, this is my dystopia, the battle wages over us
Shame, there is no depth , no lust for fate that you have yet/ Drain the lineage lost, a pile of dust for Pompeii's rot/ Seek the wiser ones to learn the ways the riddle comes
And to my opponents in the arena, I am war, not of calculation but with the elements of fire and rage, winds whisk you all and wash away, frozen until you return again
Rest, so none will wait, expire first, forfeit your stake/ Braced til idle sleep, you cannot claim rewards so cheap
All rise, all rise, bow to the one mind, there is no time, your leader awaits, bring me new blood!